Do you know what coffee our founders drink?

Do you know what coffee our founders drink?


  • Favorite Castaway Coffee: Medium Roast / Guatemalan Delight
  • Guilty Pleasure: Cinnamon Dolce Latte Breve
  • First Coffee: 7:30 am
  • Cream and Sugar: no/no
  • Last Coffeenoon

Steve is a self-taught artist, who at the age of 16 won first place and presidential recognition for a sculpture depicting Michelangelo’s The Florentine Pietà. Throughout the years, he continued to progress as an artist developing a unique style enhanced by his fine art background and an extensive knowledge of caricature and graphic design. Steve’s most notable work to date is the “Protect Wild Dolphins” Florida license plate. The success of this plate has raised millions of dollars for marine conservation. Steve built on his success, creating more art full of detail, recurring characters and plenty of humor. He quickly partnered with companies like Sailfish Brewing company and Tito’s Vodka. For Steve, Castaway Coffee is a brand that reflects his great love of his community and natural surroundings.


  • Favorite Castaway Coffee: Dark Roast
  • Guilty Pleasure: Mocha Cappuccino no whip cream
  • First Coffee: 7:30 am
  • Cream and Sugar: Yes/Truvia
  • Last Coffee11:00 am

Laura is an active outdoor enthusiast. She enjoys free diving, scuba diving, offshore fishing and hiking through the mountains. As a little girl, she began to work with her godparents in their marine upholstery business. Her love of boats and boating began at an early age when her godfather would take her to different marinas throughout South Florida. After she met Felipe in the Florida Keys, Laura began to spearfish and became an avid angler and conservationist. While studying Biology at Florida International University, she actively volunteered with marine mammal rescue organizations, and enjoyed ecology courses - particularly in the Everglades. Today, Laura heads up Castaway Coffee’s conservation efforts and coordinates events, fundraising, and other collaborations with conservation organizations.



At a young age, Felipe’s parents instilled in him the love and passion for the ocean. He would go out every weekend to fish and enjoy the sea. At age 13 he became a certified diver. His love for the ocean and diving continued, as he kept taking scuba courses including Divemaster, Technical Diver, and many more. During high school and college he worked at a dive shop making trips to different national marine sanctuaries. After earning his law degree, Felipe joined his family’s packaging business. It was there he fostered his relationships in the world of coffee. He quickly became passionate about good coffee and became a president of the Southern Coffee Association. Today, Felipe focuses on his conservation efforts through Castaway Coffee and as a member of the Board of the Consortium for Waste Circularity.


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